The Flower Bunch

Memoryscapes is the first online platform dedicated to rediscovering Italy's private heritage in small gauge format. An unique view on the family memories of the last century and more than 3,000 archive excerpts to tell our own story.

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South's Gazes

An itinerary dedicated to the private film images of Southern Italy and the gaze of the people who lived in those places. The research and selection of film excerpts were made from around ninety amateur Home Movies collections, representative of Southern Italy and Sicily. These images, shot on amateur films shot between 1930 and 1990, compose a multifaceted visual portrait of the landscape and its people. Visions that include urban and suburban landscapes of large cities and smaller towns, places symbolic of an ancient past, volcanoes, natural parks, beaches and coastlines, moments of family life (journeys, lunches, excursions, outings, games), rituals and myths linked to religiosity and collective life. The gazes are of those who live those places on a daily basis but also of those who have emigrated far away and return to their homeland.
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